Membership with the Gap Year Association

The Gap Year Association is excited to expand on its membership with this new Movement-growing membership structure. We believe that we'll be able to expedite the growth of the Gap Year Movement with more people working together in a shared vision: A semester of gap year time, with access to college credit & financial aid, for every high school graduate.

The benefits of a gap year are so profound and researched, that there's every reason in the world to grow the number of students taking a gap year: it is good for the individual, their future, and society at large. But, to do this we need partners like you to add your voice to the masses, and ensure more americans take an intentional gap year.

Five New Membership Options in the Association

Gap Year Providers:

(Accredited Gap Year Programs, and Other Gap Year Providers)

01 - Accredited Gap Year Organization

For organizations running gap year programs who have earned the respected Gap Year Association Seal of Accreditation. Organizations must pass all required elements based on the Federally-recognized Standards. As well, graduates from programs must agree with stated outcomes based on these same Standards for a 360-degree evaluation. On every Accreditation year organizations are charged a flat rate of either $3,000 or $4,000 depending on their number of gap year students served. Accreditations are valid for 4, or 5 years depending on the discretion of the GYA. Newly accredited programs must submit a self-assessed review two years into their accreditation cycle to support compliance. When not on an Accreditation Review year, organizations are required to pay the Gap Year Organization Fee as outlined below. 50% deposit and a signed copy of the Accreditation Engagement Letter are required to start the application process. For more information, download our Accreditation Engagement Form.

02 - Gap Year Provider

For gap year providers who are either in-process of Accreditation, or otherwise unaccredited by the Association but interested in affiliating to grow the movement and gain benefits of sharing our tent. Fees are dependent on student numbers and billed pro-rata on a May-June cycle.

  • 0 - 50 students - $350 per year
  • 51 - 100 students - $500 per year
  • 101 - 200 students - $950 per year
  • 200 + students - $1,900 per year

Here's what organizations are saying about the accreditation process:

"Just a note to say that we've gone through three different accreditation schemes this year and we've found that the GYA accreditation scheme was by far the most thorough and the most valuable to us, in terms of having us undertake a detailed critical review of all aspects of our operation.

Thank you for getting such a good accreditation scheme up and running. I'm sure GYA will have the effect of improving GAP experiences for students on any GYA accredited program.

Best Wishes,
Scott, CEO & Founder, Pacific Discovery."

"The accreditation process was a productive and positive experience for Thinking Beyond Borders. We appreciated the structured approach to reflecting upon our systems and programs. We were able to take clear steps to improve our systems and celebrate the areas where we were already doing good work. We're proud of our GYA certification, but we're also appreciative of how the process has made us a stronger organization."

Robin Pendoley, Executive Director and Co-Founder, Thinking Beyond Borders.

Educational Institutions:

(Official Gap Year Colleges, Institutions of Higher Education, and Community Based Organizations/Professional Associations)

03 - “Gap Year Colleges & Universities”

For colleges and universities who are a demonstrated “Gap Year College/University” according to the Gap Year Association, meaning they use experiential learning methods, track Gap Year students, and possess a formalized Gap Year Deferral Policy. ese colleges ideally, will also have a strong program in place for Gap Year graduates to integrate on campus, and scholarship monies available to Gap Year students recognizing leadership and global citizenship. Gap Year Colleges are proven places for gap year graduates to land successfully and may frequently be a credit-granting institution for Gap Year Providers or operate their own Gap Year Program. In the spirit of Colleges That Change Lives, this represents social-justice-oriented institutions that recognize the importance of holistic education. [$2,000/year - INVITATION ONLY]

04 - Higher Education Institutions

For colleges and universities either working towards a Gap Year College designation, or otherwise would like to affiliate with the GYA. [$350/year]

05 - Associations & Professional Organizations

For professional associations and organizations. Typically these are done as a reciprocal membership with reduced or no fees. [$0/year]

Businesses That Support Gappers

(Business Support Services, and Student Support Services)

06 - Business Support Services

For Businesses and Organizations interested in connecting with the Association’s Gap Year Organizations, including Gap Year Counselors, colleges and individual students who have opted in. [$2,100/year]

07 - Student Support Services

For Businesses and Organizations interested in providing services directly to Gap Year Counselors, and Gap Year students & their Families (who have opted in). [$800/year]

Professional Members

(Business Support Services, and Student Support Services)

08 - Professional Gap Year Counselor

Credentialed by the GYA as an expert Gap Year Counselor advising students and families through the Gap Year process and making Gap Year placements. Credentialing includes proof of core competencies, expertise, and signing of the Association’s Gap Year Counselor values. [$125/year]

09 - Educators

Teachers, professors, public high school counselors, experiential educators, and any instructor of students who wants to be an informed advocate of the Gap Year. [$15/year]

10 - Educational Consultants

With required membership in NACAC, HECA, IECA, or working towards credentialing as a Professional Gap Year Counselor. [$70/year]

Individual Members

(Student/Alumni/Parent, Individual, VIP Gap Year Fans)

11 - Student/Alumni/Parent

For current Gap Year students, alumnus of the Gap Year, and Parents of current/past/future Gap Year students who are interested in growing the Gap Year movement and making it a more common part of the American educational pathway. [$15/year]

12 - Individual

For any individual who is a fan of the Gap Year and wanting to participate in the growth of this movement. [$15/year]

13 - VIP Lifelong Fan of the Gap Year

For VIP donors and supporters who have earned the lifelong respect and admiration of the Gap Year. [Email Gap Year Association staff for pricing]

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