Expert Gap Year Consultants

One of the goals of the Gap Year Association is to facilitate greater accessibility to gap year programs. The best way to start this process is by using the "Planning Your Gap Year" page which provides essential steps to build a successful and structured gap year. Additionally, if you'd like help with your gap year, there are a small number of Professional and Associate Gap Year Consultants to guide you through the process and facilitate the experience. All gap year consultants are able to work remotely.

The Professional Gap Year Consultants highlighted below represent a broad range of different approaches to place students. Each gap year consultant has a different method of working with students and their families in matching gap year placements: in some cases it is a comprehensive fee which includes the vetting of placements and support in the field, while others offer an hourly rate. In most cases, a gap year consultant's support facilitates the selection process and improves outcomes based on their experience and expertise of the gap year programs and years of experience. It is worth noting, that gap year consultants are not college consultants, and college consultants rarely offer gap year expertise.

Center for Interim Programs

The founders of Gap Year Consulting, since 1980 • Princeton, NJ. & Northampton, MA. Financial aid and needs-based payment options are available. $2,800 for unlimited lifetime placements.

Taking Off

Amherst, NH. • $2,100

En Route Gap Year Consulting

Founded 2008, EnRoute Consulting was founded on the belief that young people should engage in service work, experiential learning and travel to learn more about themselves and the world around them. Our services offer families a customized, supportive approach to gap year planning. Founder Julia Rogers is a seasoned traveler, gap year counselor, writer and speaker, presenting nationally on issues related to gap year travel, ethical volunteering and global citizenship. Packages range from $1,350-$2,125.

Taylor the Gap

Taylor the Gap is headquartered in the Boulder/Denver area and is run by Marion Taylor. Marion is a passionate gap year veteran with both language immersion and volunteer personal experience pre and post college, as well as over the course of her adult life. Two of her four children matured dramatically from their gap year experiences and she believes in the profound growth derived from time outside the traditional classroom laying building blocks for future life endeavors. Marion is a professional social worker and Returned Peace Corps Volunteer. Packages average $1,000 - $1,250.



Associate Gap Year Consultants

A Gap Away • Sudbury, MA. • $150 "Gap Year 101" consultation (90 mins); $110 hourly for individually tailored planning needs

Gap Year Solutions • Belmont, MA. • $150-$950

Gap Year Design • Los Angeles, CA. • $1,650

Free To Roam Adventures • Nashville, TN. • $550 - $1,550

Gap Year Guru • New York, NY.

Gap Year Explorer • Washington, DC. • $300 - $500
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